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Is a refund or a replacement vehicle the best solution for a lemon?

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Lemon Law

Buying a new car is an exciting moment. There is a lot of prestige attached to a late-model vehicle and an expectation that the investment should lead to safe transportation and a vehicle with significant resale value.

Unfortunately, some people acquire a lemon. There might be one issue that the dealership can’t repair or multiple issues that accrue one after the next. If a vehicle is a lemon, it may not be safe to drive. Even if it is, it does not conform to the manufacturer’s warranty standards and therefore is not worth the same amount as other vehicles of the same make and model.

Those who realize that they have acquired a lemon have certain rights under the law. They can take legal action against the dealership and may have the right to request either a replacement vehicle or a refund of their purchase price. Which option is the better choice for someone whose brand-new vehicle has turned out to be a lemon?

Each case requires careful consideration

There is no one solution that ensures a positive outcome in a scenario involving a lemon. Those dealing with a vehicle that is not safe to drive may want a new vehicle as soon as possible. Given that dealerships often have stock on hand, a replacement vehicle might be the simplest solution.

However, not every model produced by major manufacturers is equally valuable and functional. If people have since realized that other consumers have serious complaints about the same vehicle they purchased, then there might be reason to seek out a refund rather than a replacement vehicle. That way, they can acquire a completely different vehicle, possibly from a different dealership or manufacturer.

On the other hand, vehicle prices have risen substantially in recent years. A refund may not be adequate to actually cover the purchase price of another new vehicle. Someone’s finances, the vehicle they purchased and other unique details influence which option may be best for them.

Reviewing the circumstances surrounding a vehicle purchase with the assistance of a skilled legal team can help someone dealing with a lemon choose the best path forward when selecting a refund or replacement. Either a replacement or a refund could be a viable option depending on someone’s current needs.