Get The Refund Or Replacement You Deserve

Get The Refund Or Replacement You Deserve

How Texas Lemon Law Protects Consumers

When you purchase or lease a new vehicle, the last thing you need is for the vehicle to need constant repairs because it doesn’t work properly. At Lemon LawDog, we helps consumers throughout Texas get refunds or vehicle replacements under the state’s lemon laws. Our consumer rights attorneys have more than 20 years of experience in lemon law. If you purchased or leased a defective vehicle in Texas, we can help you turn that lemon into lemonade.

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The Texas Department Of Motor Vehicles And Consumer Protection

In Texas, the lemon law is administered by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) for the purpose of consumer protection. The law applies specifically to cars, trucks or RVs that were leased or purchased from Texas dealerships with a warranty. Under Texas lemon law, the following criteria must be met to qualify for a refund or vehicle replacement:

  • The vehicle must have a substantial defect.
  • The vehicle must still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • The vehicle’s owner must have reported the problem to the dealer within the time limits imposed under the warranty.
  • The vehicle’s owner has attempted to resolve the issue with the dealer and given them a chance to fix it.

Even after the dealership has attempted to fix the problem, the lemon law will apply if the defect still exists and substantially interferes with the function of the vehicle; if the function of the vehicle creates a safety hazard; or if the defect causes a decrease in the fair market value of the vehicle.

You also have a limited time to file a lemon law claim. If the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, your claim must be filed within six months of the expiration date. In the alternative, there must not be more than 24,000 miles on the vehicle or the claim must be filed within 24 months of the purchase date, whichever comes first.

See our overview of the Lemon Law Process to learn more about the kinds of documentation you’ll need for a lemon law claim.

Compensation Available Under Texas Lemon Law

The lemon law in Texas provides relief in three different ways. If you have a legitimate claim under the lemon law, you may seek:

  • A refund from the dealer
  • A comparable replacement vehicle provided by the manufacturer
  • Repairs, meaning the manufacturer fixes the defects and reimburses the vehicle’s owner for any out-of-pocket repair expenses

As a consumer, you have rights. Our consumer protection lawyers are available to answer your questions and help you file a claim under the Texas Lemon Law.

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