Get The Refund Or Replacement You Deserve

Get The Refund Or Replacement You Deserve

Let Our Lemon Law Attorneys Help You Get A Vehicle Refund Or Replacement

When you purchase or lease a new vehicle, you don’t expect to have problems, and you certainly don’t expect that your new vehicle will require substantial repairs. The good news is that if your new vehicle qualifies as a lemon under your state laws, you may be entitled to a vehicle refund or replacement. The consumer protection lawyers at Lemon LawDog can handle your lemon law claim in Texas or Ohio. We have a long record of success in these cases. Our attorneys can assess your case and pursue a refund or replacement vehicle on your behalf.

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Understanding The Lemon Law In Your State

Each state has its own lemon law. For example, the definition of a lemon vehicle and the relief that you are entitled to under the consumer protection laws in Texas might be slightly different than in the state of Ohio. Our consumer protection attorneys can help you understand the process of filing a claim under the lemon law in your state.

Types Of Relief In Your State

Even though the requirements for filing a lemon law claim in your state might be different, the types of available relief are quite similar, including:

  • A refund of the purchase price of your vehicle, although in some cases there may be a deduction for the amount you used the vehicle
  • A replacement vehicle of a similar value as your original vehicle, although any upgrades you would like to add will be extra
  • Attorney fees for lemon law claims are typically paid by the manufacturer

Before you can file a lemon law claim, you have to give the dealer or manufacturer a chance to try to fix the vehicle. Our consumer protection lawyers have prepared a checklist to help you prepare for your lemon law claim. We have extensive experience in lemon law cases, and we can handle every aspect of your claim. You’ve had enough to worry about with a defective vehicle; we don’t want you to worry about your lemon law claim. We are prepared to handle it on your behalf.

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