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How many repair attempts are possible on a Texas lemon vehicle?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2024 | Lemon Law

Buying a new car is a major commitment. It means investing tens of thousands of dollars to secure reliable transportation. People typically anticipate long-term returns on the investment that comes with the acquisition of a new vehicle. Buyers expect that what they invest in that purchase should ensure that they have a safe and reliable vehicle that maintains its market value until they decide to resell the vehicle later. Industry rules help guarantee the reliability and safety of recently manufactured vehicles.

Unfortunately, there are sometimes certain vehicles that do not fully conform to the standards established by a manufacturer. Vehicle defects can occur even in brand-new vehicles delivered directly to customers with custom trim packages. They can also be an issue on vehicles purchased off the lot.

The lemon law in Texas allows a vehicle owner to require the replacement of a defective vehicle or to negotiate a return of the vehicle and a refund of their purchase price. The dealership or manufacturer typically gets to make repair attempts before a return or refund is an option. How many repair attempts does state law permit?

The type of defect determines a dealer’s options

Texas law recognizes that there are multiple different types of vehicle defects, each of which may have a differing degree of impact on a buyer. Basic repairs of issues that re-occur can make a vehicle a lemon after four repair attempts. If the issue with the vehicle causes a serious safety hazard, the law only allows for two repair attempts before the buyer can invoke the protections of Texas’ Lemon Law.

The law also allows someone to seek the return or replacement of a vehicle that has resulted in the vehicle being out of service for repair for 30 days or more within the first 24 months of ownership of 24,000 miles of travel. An express warranty could impose a tighter deadline in some cases.

Owners frustrated by vehicle defects that have required repair attempts often need to maintain records of when they take the vehicle into the dealership for repairs and all communications that they have with the dealership or the professionals working on the vehicle. When repeated attempts to address vehicle defects do not prove successful, owners may have no choice but to make use of the Texas lemon law.

Understanding the unique rules that protect new vehicle purchasers under Texas lemon law may benefit those frustrated by surprise issues with a recently acquired new vehicle.